Video: The Beauty of Being Alkaline

Left untreated, hyper-acidity can lead to chronic inflammatory conditions over time. Our skin is one of the body’s prime deposit sites for acidic waste and provides visual cues as to our overall health.
Watch the video here.
Intro: 0:10
Today’s Talking Points: 1:10
Gastric Acid vs Systemic Acidity: 1:32
Importance of Blood pH: 3:23
Where Acidity Comes From: 4:34
How the Body Handles Acidity: 6:57
Chronic Inflammation Explained: 8:48
Impact of Acidity on Skin: 11:10
Collagen and Connective Tissue: 15:11
pH Testing: 16:54
Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Acidity: 19:24
AlkaPure pH Formulation: 20:50
What to Expect from Alkaline Therapy: 23:18
AlkaPure pH Dosing and Treatment: 24:43
  • How do we become so acidic?
  • What are the common skin conditions associated with chronic inflammation?
  • How does hyper-acidity impact collagen production and youthfulness?
  • Which supplements can support proper pH balance?

Why is Magnesium so Important?


Magnesium is a mineral which plays a role in many of the body’s activities. Muscle function, nerve activity and acid-base balance are some of the areas in which Magnesium is crucial. Unfortunately Magnesium deficiency is common. A 1988 study cites “Magnesium is the most under-diagnosed electrolyte abnormality.” Up to 75% of the population can be Magnesium deficient.

Pure Lab Vitamins founder Cyrus Kuhzarani, an Ottawa-based pharmacist, will discuss the ways
in which Magnesium is depleted in the body (often through common prescription medications) and
what is the best type of Magnesium to replenish the body’s stores.

May 25, 2017
Dandelion Foods 451 Ottawa Street, Almonte

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