New Products! Family First Line

We’re excited to announce the launch of Health First’s new Family First line of natural health supplements. The Family First line checks all of the boxes for busy parents:

  • Dosing for everyone in the family
  • Highly absorbable nutrients
  • Clean ingredients and sweeteners
  • Really good tasting liquids and chewables
  • A little healthy fun for the whole family (each bottle includes a fun trivia question)

With the new Family First product line, it’s just one product for the whole family. Parents just got (a little) less busy.

Fall Wellness Guide

Introducing the Health First Get-Back-on-Track Fall Wellness Guide. Yes, we believe masks, sanitization protocols and physical distancing are essential in protecting ourselves and our community from the spread of COVID-19. We also know that our immune system plays a foundational role in wellness.

The key to a fantastic immune system is good overall health, and many factors contribute to ensuring this system is functioning optimally. Adequate nutrition, movement, stress reduction, good sleep, and time for self-care are all required to keep this system primed!

The Fall Wellness Guide features:
• Healthy meal ideas and recipes
• Self-care and supplement strategies
• Sleep and stress reduction ideas

See the full guide here!

May sales are in!

Find BIG savings in our May flyer PLUS info on how to cleanse your gut and support a healthier immune system. Read the flyer now!

Breakthrough in Women’s Health

From hormones and mood to digestion and concerns over aging skin, women’s health has never been simple. Advances in nutraceutical therapy are providing new ways to help relieve many common health concerns. Read on for a selection of nutritional solutions you might not have heard about yet.