Workshop: Why is Magnesium so Important?

Magnesium is a mineral which plays a role in many of the body’s activities. Muscle function, nerve activity and acid-base balance are some of the areas in which  Magnesium is crucial. Unfortunately Magnesium deficiency is common. A 1988 study cites “Magnesium is the most under-diagnosed electrolyte abnormality.” Up to 75% of the population can be Magnesium deficient.

So what can you do to increase your Magnesium levels?

Join Pure Lab Vitamins founder, Cyrus Kuhzarani, an Ottawa-based pharmacist, as he discusses the ways in which Magnesium is depleted in the body (often through common prescription medications) and what is the best type of Magnesium to replenish the body’s stores.

Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Location: Dandelion Foods, 451 Ottawa St, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm • Includes Q&A


Please RSVP In-Store at or call 613-256-4545

Demo Day: Prairie Naturals Superfoods

The Demo Diva is back! Join Prairie Naturals’ Alana on Saturday, July 28th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to try samples of Red Superfoods and Spirulina.

SPIRULINA – Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) is one of the most ancient green superfood plants on earth. These tiny, single-celled freshwater micro algae contain an impressive 60% protein content! This lean & green protein source is also a natural source of minerals, including iron, calcium, and magnesium. Its high levels of B12 and protein make it the perfect addition to the diet of vegetarians. Spirulina contains all the essential amino acids and essential fats, along with complex carbohydrates, fibre, a wide range of vitamins and minerals including antioxidants, carotenoids (especially lutein) and nucleic acids. Researchers have found that Spirulina intake reduces blood cholesterol and inflammation. Regular supplementation with Spirulina also removes accumulated toxins in the body, creating a gentle and safe daily cleansing effect.

RED SUPERFOODS – A convenient, ready-to-use superfood powder concentrate made with: Beet Roots, Pomegranates, Goji Berries, Grapeseed, Carrots, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries & Cranberries. Natural food-source antioxidants protect, heal, energize and restore. This instant, ready-to-use powder is the perfect addition to smoothies, salad dressings, sauces and homemade energy bars!

DandyFest 2018: Local Food, Healthy Living

We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s DandyFest is June 16th! Now in its 5th year, we’re pleased to once again offer a wide selection of local producers, wellness partners who will be sampling, demonstrating and talking about their fantastic products.

Here’s what else is happening:

  • 10% discount off of everything in store
  • Live music, featuring Peter Brown, keyboardist from Lanark, ON
  • BBQ featuring an organic chicken burger/veggie burger, choice of La Croix drink and chips for $5
  • Giveaway bags to the first 50 customers
  • Live animal area
  • Door prizes, discounts and more!

Date: June 16th
Time: 10a.m. – 2p.m.
Location: 451 Ottawa Street, Almonte, ON
Cost: FREE!

Here’s a list of this year’s vendor and wellness partners:

Almonte Fitness Centre
Alpenblick Farm
Biemonds Grass-Fed Yogurt
Lorna Vanderhaeghe
Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee
Kricklewood Farm
Hummingbird Chocolate Makers
Natural Wisdom
Laurentian Brew Kombucha
Love My Buns
Neal Brothers
Prairie Naturals
Progressive Nutritional
Pure Lab Vitamins
Sweet Cheeks
Stay tuned, more to come!

Demo Day: Prairie Naturals April 28

Join Prairie Naturals’ representative, Olga, on Saturday, April 28th  11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to try samples of Bone Broth Protein Powders (Chicken or Beef), Barley Grass and Aqua Greens.

BONE BROTH PROTEIN POWDERS – These convenient bone broth powders are an easy-to-digest, gut friendly protein source. Bone broth is a rich source of collagen protein, amino acids, minerals and connective tissue building nutrients. Non-allergenic, gluten-free and paleo friendly.  Chicken: Made with organic, free range, antibiotic-free chicken bones and connective tissue. Beef: Made with organic, grass fed, antibiotic-free beef bones and connective tissue.

ORGANIC FERMENTED BARLEY GRASS –  This concentrated source of readily assimilated chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes is pleasant-tasting. The natural fermentation process enhances and transforms the naturally occurring nutrients in Barley Grass to a more readily assimilated form. Barley Grass is an alkaline-balancing, nutrient-dense, green superfood with energizing, cleansing, mineralizing and anti-aging properties. A pure and simple fermented green-food powder for the whole family.

AQUA GREENS (SPIRULINA & CHLORELLA) – Chlorella is packed with amino acids (including cysteine), peptides, proteins, vitamins, sugars, and nucleic acids. Spirulina consists of 60% protein and can help with inflammation, and acts as a natural body cleanser by removing toxins.

Demo Day! Love My Buns March 31

On March 31, you can meet Nicole LeBlanc, creator of LOVE MY BUNS Paleo Baking Mix and Sandwich Buns at Dandelion Foods from 11a.m. to 2p.m. Sample from her delicious creations using the baking mix and discover how delicious low-carb, healthy bread can be!

LOVE MY BUNS was created by chefs Nicole LeBlanc and Bruce Enloe, former owners of The Branch Organic Restaurant, in Kemptville, Ontario, for their daughter, Abigail.

Diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2, Abigail suffered from many gastro-intestinal and behavioural issues that began subsiding when gluten, dairy, and sugar were removed from her diet.

You are just 3 minutes away from low-carb, healthy bread! LOVE MY BUNS, a gluten-free, paleo-friendly, grain-free instant bread and baking mix.

Love My Buns is made with organic ingredients with no added sugar, grain-free and dairy free. Enjoy a high source of fiber with your favourite food combinations.

You can enjoy Love My Buns in 3 ways:

  • Miracle Bread Paleo Baking Mix
  • Bread/Sandwich Buns
  • “Everything Bagel” Bread/Sandwich Buns