Khol-slaw (Kholrabi salad)

This time of year, our local farmers have new offerings for us each week, like this week’s delivery from @terramorfarm . Kohlrabi is a versatile vegetable with a taste and texture similar to cabbage and broccoli stems.

Farhat has whipped up this beautiful salad using kohlrabi and ingredients from the store.
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Kholrabi Salad


Mix together:

  • 1 large kohlrabi, grated
  • 1/4 purple cabbage, shredded
  • 2 medium carrots, grated
  • 1/2 red onion, grated
  • 4 Tbsp. cilantro, chopped


  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt

Chill, serve and enjoy!

Summer Challenge Week 2: Drink More Water

60% of your body is made of water…and no, that doesn’t include coffee, juice or pop!

  • None of your organs can function without water including your kidney, brain, heart, muscles and more.
  • Sweating depletes water so staying hydrated is especially important in the summer.
  • SHAPEsmart is a deliciously flavoured (lemon iced tea) option to hydrate conveniently.
  • Not only does SHAPEsmart make drinking water easy, but it also benefits your body. Chlorogenic acid has been studied for its powerful anti-aging properties as well as it’s ability to kickstart your body’s fat burning process.

Notes from our Nutritionist 

Dandelion Foods’ own nutritionist, Morgan, has accepted the 8-week Summer Challenge and is providing updates on how she’s finding it. Here’s her notes from Week 2. And if you missed Week 1, you can find them here.

To ensure that I drank enough water, I keep a bottle around me throughout the day and add flavoured collagen to make it tastier. The one downside was that I was urinating frequently. I added a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt to each bottle to ensure I was absorbing the water into my cells and that helped reduce my bathroom visits:)

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Summer Challenge Week 1: Eat Protein for Breakfast

Week 1: Eat Protein for Breakfast

Protein revs the metabolism and kickstarts your organ systems while also feeding your thyroid.

  • Try incorporating whey protein into your breakfast as opposed to eggs. Whey protein is highly bioavailable, concentrated, convenient and delicious.
  • PROTEINsmart contains whey protein along with an anti-aging fat called CLA. CLA supports fat loss and lean muscle growth.
  • BEAUTYsmart is a great option for those looking for a boost in collagen in addition to whey protein. Collagen is great for muscles, tendons, joints and skin.
  • For those looking to benefit from whey protein, CLA AND collagen- switch between BEAUTYsmart and PROTEINsmart every other day!

Notes from our Nutritionist

Dandelion Foods’ own nutritionist, Morgan, has accepted the 8-week Summer Challenge and is providing updates on how she’s finding it. Here’s her notes from Week 1.

I started the chocolate ProteinSMART with CLA with some spinach and frozen blueberries for breakfast. I just mix mine with water and a splash of coconut water. Love it. I am going to add in a second serving during the day to increase my protein.

Want some new ways to get your protein?

  • Use vanilla PROTEINsmart to make a PINA COLADA, or STRAWBERRY DAQUIRI (without the alcohol)
  • Add the BEAUTYsmart to your coffee or Matcha green tea for a vanilla latte – plus you get the benefit of collagen!
  • Make protein popsicles with coconut milk and PROTEINsmart or BEAUTYsmart – put them in the freezer for a protein fueled mid afternoon snack that the kids will like it too!
  • Try adding your morning PROTEINsmart to plain Greek yogurt! Yogurt has additional protein as well as a natural probiotic bacteria. Plus, it tastes like you’re having desert for breakfast (tastes like cheesecake!)

8-week Summer Challenge: Follow along with our RHN

Don’t let summer fun prevent you from achieving your wellness goals. Give your wellness goals equal importance this summer by hopping on board the 8-WEEK SUMMER CHALLENGE – featuring 8 Habits over 8 weeks designed to leave you looking and feeling great.

The 8-Week Summer Challenge, from Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions is a 3-pillar approach, designed to improve your mental health, nutrition and hormones for a balanced approach to well-being.


Dandelion Foods’ in-house Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Morgan, has accepted the 8-Week Challenge and you can too! Here’s how:

  1. Pick up the 8-Week Summer Challenge guide in-store at Dandelion Foods
  2. Join the Facebook group (optional)
  3. Visit this post for your Weekly Habit (Mondays)
  4. Visit this post for Morgan’s weekly recap (Thursdays)
  5. Ask questions via email, in-store or on this post

By visiting this post, you’ll be able to follow Morgan’s journey through the Challenge. You’ll learn the 8 Healthy Habits alongside her. You’ll see victories and struggles. And you can ask questions along the way!

Whether it’s a chance to re-boot our current health habits, learn new ones or deal with a medical condition, we all have different reasons for wanting to prioritize our health. So what is Morgan’s reason for doing the challenge?

Hi! My name is Morgan. I am excited to incorporate new habits and share my story over the next 8 weeks. I became an RHN at 43 but after 40+ years of learned eating behaviour I’ve faltered during high stress times suffering from hormonal issues and regained weight. I am very excited about this summer challenge!

Join us here each week as we journal the whole process. PLUS, we’ll be giving away a new prize each week, and announcing winners here. So tune in!

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In-Store Demo

Dried ready to go meals, just add hot water! Melanie started @wokfreshcanada as an alternative to the package-heavy, nutrient void meals for camping and hiking. Soon, customers were picking them up for work, home, school and beyond. They’re delicious, 100% compostable, vegan, dietitian approved, locally sourced and made here in Ottawa!

Come meet Melanie and sample for yourself on July 13th from 11 to 2.

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