Choose Local, Choose Dandelion Foods

Dandelion Foods is a healthy alternative to the big box store. We provide healthy food
options for our local community and beyond, keeping local food dollars in the community, creating local jobs, supporting local farmers and producers and operating a sustainable local business.purchase

Come to Dandelion Foods to see your friends and get to know your neighbors, to learn more about your food from our friendly, expert staff, and to pick up staple grocery items, locally-grown food and locally-made products as well as alternative foods for specialty diets.

Our mission is to promote community health and well-being by:

  • providing top quality food, focusing on natural and organic products;
  • providing a wide range of environmentally sensitive and sustainable products;
  • supporting local organic farms with purchases, awareness and marketing opportunities; and,
  • providing the community with education and information on health, well-being and sustainable food, through seminars and workshops, as well as advice from our compassionate and knowledgeable staff.