Time to Pre-order your Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s almost time!  For many of us, it just isn’t Thanksgiving without a beautiful, tasty turkey.  Once again, we’ll be offering fresh, never frozen, organic turkeys from Yorkshire Valley Farms.

That means it’s time to reserve your fresh, organic turkey for Thanksgiving, if you haven’t yet.

The organic turkeys are raised on family-run farms in Ontario, where they enjoy an organic, non-GMO all-grain diet. They never treat their grains with chemicals, herbicides or pesticides, and they never add animal by-products or antibiotics to the feed.

  • Average weight: 6-7kg (13-15lbs)
  • Cost: $5.19/lbs
  • Pickup dates: October 2-13 (note: we’re closed Monday, October 12)
  • Best before date: October 14th

Reserve your always fresh, never frozen organic turkey today!

Looking for a great recipe for this year’s Thanksgiving feast? Try out Yorkshire Valley Farm’s Roast Turkey with Herbes de Provence and Butter

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