In-store Workshop: Alternative therapies for Stress-induced Anxiety


  • Bizarre & recurring dreams, interrupted sleep patterns
  • Itchy skin or mystery rashes
  • Severe or irregular periods
  • Recurring stomachaches or intestinal distress
  • Muscle twitching especially around the eyes
  • Hair thinning or loss
  • Jaw & tooth pain
  • Busy brain

Recently I was speaking with a customer about stress and anxiety. She revealed that her doctor had diagnosed her with ‘Busy Brain Syndrome’. ‘Busy Brain’ is another symptom in a growing list of health concerns which are directly related to our stressful, anxious lives.

There is constant pressure to excel in our work, at school and even our social lives. ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ isn’t a joke anymore. So how do we cope with stress and anxiety in a world where life isn’t slowing down, it’s only moving faster?

Join Cyrus Kuhzarani, Pharmacist and Natural Health Advocate for a frank discussion about stress and anxiety and how you can address the symptoms in a natural, safe way.

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