Summer Challenge Week 3: Cut Your Sugar Intake

How’s your 8-week challenge going? Go look at our first two healthy habits on our page if you missed them.

Now, for healthy habit number three:
 Cut back on your sugar intake
Unbalanced glucose and insulin can cause your body to store fat, which none of us desire🙅🏼‍♀️. It’s important to manage the two, as it can affect other systems like the brain, cardiovascular system, and skin. Insulin levels go up with stress, overeating, alcohol and sugar consumption. For this reason, it’s important to cut back on sugar consumption at the same time as balancing insulin.

If you have belly fat and are over 45 years, start by regulating your insulin with GLUCOsmart. Even if you’re not over 45, and do not have extra belly fat, cutting back on processed sugar will still promote overall wellness.

Notes from our Nutritionist 

Dandelion Foods’ own nutritionist, Morgan, has accepted the 8-week Summer Challenge and is providing updates on how she’s finding it. Here’s her notes from Week 2. And if you missed Week 1, you can find them here. You can also follow her on this page or on Instagram or Facebook.

This week is going great! I thought it was going to be the most challenging as I love my daily dose of chocolate coconut covered almonds:) I decided to write down my goals and tasks for the week. Not only did it help remind me, and keep me accountable, of the Habits I’d adopted so far, but I was able to check in with myself each day. I even allowed myself my snack once this week!

Want a copy of Morgan’s Goal & Task list? Let us know and we’ll send one to you.


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