The Ketogenic Diet – Beginner and Advanced Session

Learn a healthy, sustainable approach to the Ketogenic Diet.

Beginner Session: Learn everything you need to know to start you on your way to healthier, happier life. We will cover macronutrients, foods to eat/avoid, how to calculate individual macros, necessary supplementation and why. Learn how to follow ketogenic diet in a healthy and sustainable way. Questions are always welcome!

Advanced session: This session contains more advanced information and is meant for those of you who started keto diet and want to get into deeper ketosis to experience the great benefits of this way of eating. We will discuss topics such as: different types of fasting, carb cycling, exercising while on keto, common mistakes and breaking through plateaus. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The cost for each session is $15, or you may register for both for $30.

Please note that in order to register, you will need to pre-pay for the workshop(s). This can be done in store or by e-transfer.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know Sherry – lesson is to not do this while on vacation 😀. It’s fixed now and yes, you need to register and pre-pay to reserve a spot. You can either come in store or do an etranfer to info at dandelionfoods dot ca. Thanks!

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