Be sun safe this summer!

This summer, make sure you and your family are protected from the sun by choosing the right sunscreen – one that not only protects you, but doesn’t harm you.

There are two ways that a sunscreen can protect the skin from sun damage: with a mineral barrier or a chemical one.

Mineral sunscreens use active mineral ingredients, such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which create a physical barrier to protect the skin from the sun. Most are broad spectrum (see below for more on this).

Chemical sunscreens use one or more chemicals including oxybenzone, which has been shown to penetrate the skin, get into the blood stream and act like estrogen in the body.

Don’t be fooled by a high sun-protection factor (SPF). SPF only protects from UVB rays, the ones that cause sunburn and non-melanoma skin cancers; UVA rays are actually more threatening. Look for a broad spectrum sunscreen (one that protects against UVA and UVB radiation).

Green Beaver – Canadian-made, certified organic sunscreens developed for all skin types. These hypoallergenic sunscreens are the perfect chemical-free solution to sun protection for adults and children. Light and fragrance-free, it’s gentle on the skin but fierce in its protection. Gluten-free, Organic Certified ingredients, Health Canada Approved, Hypoallergenic, Non-greasy, Non-nano, Non-silicone coated, Broad Spectrum, Non-Whitening, Water & Sweat Resistant (40 min), Biodegradable, broad-spectrum, smooth finish.

Thinksport Thinkbaby – new products! The Thinksport SPF 50+ Kids and ThinkBaby SPF 50+ Baby are the first sunscreens to pass Whole Foods Premium Care Requirements; are top rated by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) with a “1” rating since 2010; free of biologically harmful chemicals – no avobenzone, oxybenzone, or UV chemical absorbers; feature the highest level of Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection (per FDA 2012 Rules)

Goddess Garden – Made with plant-based ingredients and natural minerals, Goddess Garden sunscreens provides powerful broad-spectrum protection. With its sheer, non-greasy application, and a refreshing scent from pure lavender essential oils, this is a sunscreen you’ll want to wear. Since it’s certified organic, reef safe and biodegradable, you’ll also feel good about wearing it!

Still have questions about which sunscreen you should use? Come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff!

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  1. Interesting and informative read! I need to get me some sunscreen for summer haha. Thx for sharing!
    -Brian M

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